Midnight Manhunt

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Midnight Manhunt is a crime mistery film from 1945 and is in public domain. Directed by William C. Thomas and written by David Lang.

The films begins with a gangster that is shooted at the hotel room and manage to make his way to a nearby wax museum, where he dies. A young female reporter, Sue Gallagher (Ann Savage), discovers the body and determines to break these case, but she must maneuver around a rival reporter who happens to be her boyfriend, fellow reporter Pete Willis (William Gargan), who also wants to break the case too and the killer himself, who wants to find out where the body is. The killer traps Sue in the wax museum when he returns there looking for the body. Leo Gorcey plays the caretaker of the wax museum.
A very nice film to see with a lot of mistery, suspense and a good history recommended for all the film entusiasthics and is a Classic Film from 1945.


Language: English

Year of Production: 1945

Length: 01:02:29

Country: United States

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