Kino-Pravda 6

Uploaded on Thursday 24 February 2011


Kino-Pravda ("Film Truth") was a newsreel series by Dziga Vertov, Elizaveta Svilova, and Mikhail Kaufman.

Working mainly during the 1920s, Vertov promoted the concept of kino-pravda, or film-truth, through his newsreel series. His driving vision was to capture fragments of actuality which, when organized together, showed a deeper truth which could not be seen with the naked eye. In the "Kino-Pravda" series, Vertov focused on everyday experiences, eschewing bourgeois concerns and filming marketplaces, bars, and schools instead, sometimes with a hidden camera, without asking permission first.

Шестой выпуск документальной серии известного режиссера Дзиги Вертова. Советский режиссер, сценарист, теоретик кино. Один из основателей советского и мирового документального кино. Учился в Психоневрологическом институте и Московском университете. После Октябрьской революции начал работать в отделе кинохроники Московского кинокомитета. Руководил работой фронтовых кинооператоров, выезжал с агитпоездами ВЦИКа.


Language: Silent

Length: 13:26

Country: Russian Federation

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