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Although set in Malta and the Kalahari desert, this smuggling story also used locations from Almeria, and included Honor Blackman in the cast, among others.
Once more the eternal dunes of Cabo de Gatas throw sand in our eyes as the embittered men (and Honor) trek across the desert to find their treasure and their angst.
Before that however they paid a call to a small port, supposedly along the South African coast, which was in fact Roquetas de Mar.
The dusty Almerian coast features extensively, except in the scenes where the boat is clearly a toy one.
The point where they find the sunken German submarine and desembark to hunt for the diamonds is at Rodalquilar. José Enrique Martinez, Almerian cinema expert, informed us that this point is called Los Amarillos, and is located below the castle of San Ramón.
A film that reinforces the point that while war does strange things to a man, diamonds are his worst enemy.


Language: English

Year of Production: 1968

Length: 01:26:23

Country: Malta

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